Collagen is one of the most important proteins in the human body.

Collagen is contained in all tissues, such as skin, blood vessels and bones, and plays an important role of connecting cells together.

However, due to ageing the amount of collagen produced in body decreases year by year, so it is important to compensate collagen externally.

Fish collage『F-Collagen』is extracted from fish scale has extremely high concentration and purity and characterized by high absorption rate.

1. High concentration and purity

There is 62.5ml of pure collagen in one bag (500ml) of highly concentrated collagen.
By adding 20-30ml of collagen per day in your favourite food and drinks you can efficiently ingest collagen necessar for your body.

2. 「Three chains in the spiral」extracted without destruction

Collagen consists of three chains of polypeptides,   twisted into the spiral correctly, form the structure “three chains   in the spiral”.

Molecular weight of this structure in the cylinder shape is about 300 000 the length of 300mm and the diameter is 1,5 mm.

The biological effect of such collagen is very high and cannot be seen in the products received from other kinds of raw material.

Amino acid researches of collagen, received artificially demonstrate that nowadays it is almost impossible to form such cylinders, which contain megastructure from twisted into the spiral three chains of polypeptides.

To achieve super biological effect, this spiral structure is very important. However, the structure disintegrates while heating and collagen turns into gelatin. After that, it is impossible to recover the primordial molecular structure (see the scheme below)

More than that, although low-molecular peptides of collagen are widely used as food products, amino acid effect is being waited from them, rather than collagen effect.

So, to see the maximum degree effect of collagen, it is necessary to get collagen without destroying its structure of the spiral of three chains, and our company has achieved success in creating such a technology extracting collagen from fish scale.

Our product meets the needs of consumers in highly effective, safe and reliable collagen, thanks to the fact that we have been able to solve the problem of producing technology and we have created the product, which can be used as food, in cosmetics goods, as well as it can be used for laboratory researches of cell structures.

フィッシュコラーゲン 「F-Collagen」

3. Safety

Our unique method of collagen extraction is that we don’t use hydrochloric acid because fish scale particularly  does not contain animal’s fat.
Thanks to our unique technology, our product can be used by pregnant  and nursing women and do  not worry  that the product contains as harmful things like residual chlorine, hormones or dioxin.

4. Absorption

Body temperature of fish is 8-9℃, which is low comparing to cow or pig (close to 40℃), but it is the reason why collagen, extracted from fish scale, has so high absorption rate.

Difference berween animal collagen and fish collagen

Form skin, bones collagen collagen
collagen (35-45%)
chitin (0.5-4.5%)
Cell activity very good extremely good
Degestibility low very good
Odour strong smell almost none
Taste difficult to drink easy to drink
Gelling easily becomes solid consistency doesn’t change
Effect skin brightening skin regeneration, internal organs vitality, indirect strengthening

5. Tasteless

Characteristic odour, which makes this product unpleasant to use, is absent. It can be used  for drinks you like without changing their taste qualities

You may enjoy different flavor combinations and you will never be bored!  You can add it to juice, coffee, soup and other kinds of food, which you eat every day.

Recommended amount

20-30ml per day

Nutrition component (per 100ml)

Collagen 12.5ml
Energy 50kcal
Protein 12.5g
Fat less than 0.1g
Carbohudrate less than 0.1g
Sodium 0g

※ Tested by Japanese Food Analysis Center 


As we don’t use presevative agents, please, seal tightly after opening. Keep in the refrigerator.

When storing at a low temperature in the refrigerator collagen can become a jelly. This doesn’t affect quality of collagen.

Collagen will become liquid again after keeping at a room temperature for 10-20 monutes.


  • After opening, store at 10 ℃ or less, please use all the collagen within 1 month.
  • The expiration date is displayed on the label, please be careful.
  • If any abnormality appears, please consult your family doctor.