FOC series, a functional coating series

I. About the FOC coating series

Organic and inorganic coatings have typical merits and demerits as shown below. We can create a “customized” FOC series by integrating the merits of each side (organic and inorganic) and adding new features which meet with each customer’s needs.

The “FOC” series can be handled in a variety of application scenes, covering from construction sites to production lines in the same way as existing normal organic coatings.

Not only passive functions such as decollating and protecting surfaces but also self-active functions can be possible with the “FOC” series.

Organic coatings Inorganic coatings
Merits Demerits Merits Demerits
Good appearance Poor weather resistance Good weather resistance Poor appearance
Good design
Good machining performance Poor contamination resistance Good contamination resistance Poor machining performance
Good workability Poor chemical resistance Good chemical resistance Poor workability
Good hardenability under low temperature Poor heat resistance Good heat resistance Poor hardenability under low temperature
Poor incombustibility Good incombustibility
High hardness
Combining the best of both coatings

II. FOC Series, a technology to create functional surfaces

FOC coating series are “à la carte”. Put it simply, new superficial functions can be added tailored to the clients’ needs in order to offer the best coating solutions to our customers.

Functional categories Function name
Mechanical functions Material properties against high strength, high stiffness and load and external force etc. Surface hardening ( hard coat ) , scratch resistance , lubrication , non-slip , high elasticity , self -healing
Heat functions Properties which correspond especially to heat Heat-resistant, heat insulation, thermal barrier, heat dissipation, fire prevention, flame retardant, heat conduction
Electrical functions Properties which correspond especially to electric and magnetic Insulation, conductivity, transparent conductivity, antistatic, radio wave absorption, electromagnetic shielding
Optical functions Properties which correspond especially to light Fluorescent, phosphorescent, retroreflection (road markings), light selective absorption (UV-infrared), liquid crystal display, the light-shielding
Ecological functions Properties which have a histocompatibility and ecological affinity Underwater antifouling (elution and non-elution), antifungal, antiinsect, antiseptic, anti-algae, soft touch
Chemical functions Properties which are stable to chemical substances and have a special connections to catalysts, etc. and chemical reactions Heavy‐duty anticorrosion, chemical resistance, high weather resistance, concrete carbonation prevention, self-cleaning
Surface energy functions Properties which correspond especially to surface adsorption, adhesion and adhesion Non-adhesive, strippable, icing and snow accretion prevention, high water repellency and poster prevention
Separation functions Property of separating necessary components from the mixed gas or liquid Gas barrier, deodorization, moisture permeability and  waterproof

III. FOC series, conventional line-ups

The followings are our conventional products. We can also develop customized products for specific use as needed, so please feel free to contact us if you have any trouble.

Functions Characteristics FOC No.
Mechanical function
(Mechanical functions)
・Hardness, scratch resistance and contamination resistance No.200, No.250, No.300, No.1500, No.4000
・Post- machining performance (Hard and Tough) No.800, No.900
・Hardness and non-slipness No.1100, No.1300
・Elastics and contamination resistance No.350, No.710, WPD series
・Lubricant TRIBO series
Heat function
(Heat functions)
・Heat resistance H-01 – H-06(200℃ – 600℃
・Flame resistance FR type and Defensa
・Transparent and clear with termal barrier property (UV and IR cut) H-08(ATO), H-10(ATO+ITO), H-11(special ATO)
・Exoergic conductivity type / Insulation type, H-30 (transparent heat dissipation clear)
Electric function
(Electrical functions)
・ Antistatic and contamination resistance hardcoating E-01
・Conductivity and heat resistance E-10
・Electrical insulating properties, chemical resistance, and heat resistance E-04
・Thin film with insulation resistance and flame retardant E-05
・Insulation properties and deformation conformability E-08
Chemical function
(Chemical functions)
・Weather resistance and contamination resistance (Hydrophilicity) No.700、No.700WB (water base)
・Corrosion resistance and weather resistance Various anticorrosive primers and anticorrosive clear thin coating
・Water and oil repellency, contamination resistance and chemical resistance No.300、No.1200、No.3500、No.4000
・Anti-algue, antibacterial, antifungal and anti-virus No.3500ANV
Human Impression
(Visual tactile functions)
・Soft touch and self-healing Soft coat
・Metal mirror and specular reflection characteristics GLANZCOAT (nano silver coating)

IV. GLANZCOAT, a brand new specular reflection coating system (Patent No. 5610359)

GLANZCOAT is a specular reflection coating system which can add a touch of class to a variety of industrial products in a short amount of time in contrast to ordinal methods.

Thanks to its original nano-technology, silver nano-particles will be condensed under low temperature to finally create stable silver layers compared to conventional silver layers.

Characteristics of the new system

・No special equipment needed such as double head spray gun, simplified coating process. This can be applied with an ordinal coating equipment.

・Low cost

・Brand new and diverse designs (Metallic color variation and leaf-tact finishing (gold and silver leaf, etc. )

・Adding luxury texture as well as functional properties such as conductive, high reflection and antibacterial characteristics.

・Applicable with ink-jet.